[Samba] What's Happening

Urban Widmark urban at teststation.com
Sun May 26 08:42:01 GMT 2002

On Sun, 26 May 2002, Kenneth Loafman wrote:

> Never thought of a directory.  Thanks.  Locally is not possible since

Someone once taught me that as the best way to do lockfiles on NFS
(possibly that was specific to some AIX/Solaris interaction at the time

I did some simple tests with multiple processes doing open(..., O_EXCL)
and it wouldn't fail. If using directories work better for you I'd like to

Since you seem to have a lot of control over how the files are created you
could try something that would copy/move the jobfiles or some jobfile
description file with smbclient.

That would avoid the permanent connection that smbfs needs (that I believe
is the cause of any problems you have seen). Or you could use smbfs with
mount+lock+copy+unlock+umount to do the same.

> OK.  So smbfs is part of another project?

smbfs is a kernel filesystem so if you must have a "project" that would be
it. Otherwise just call it smbfs (or linux smbfs).

Through smbmount it uses the samba knowledge on looking up names
(netbios), connecting and authenticating (ntlm(?) or experimentally that
kerberos thing with AD).


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