VB: [Samba] Trouble browsing on different nets.

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I wrote it wrong here
 Sorry about that.. They are of course .255 
. :-)


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I believe your broadcast addresses on the linux box are set wrong. If
you are using and as your IP networks,
you should be using and as your
broadcast addresses respectively. This may be why the Windows machines
aren't picking up NetBios broadcasts from the Samba server.




David van Geyn

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I’m not sure if this even SHOULD work
 I can’t find anything really
useful in the documentation.


I have a RedHat 7.3 system in the DMZ of our network, its address is, broadcast address is


I firewall, linux based with 3 ports, the net (DMZ), the
“outside world” on one port and the internal network is,
broadcasting on



So, on the internal network are Windows XP workstations, these can
“search computers” and find the linux on the DMZ by name, they can
connect to it if given the network address or name (the name – network
address translation is done in the Windows’ hosts files) and also browse
the samba shares.


 Here’s the problem
  The linux (Samba) server never shows up in the
Windows’ Network neighbourhood, which would be very good for those who
aren’t too familiar with networking.  Can anyone please help me out


Thank you,


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