[Samba] small problem: password expiration

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.kug.ac.at
Fri May 24 10:08:02 GMT 2002

hi !
sorry for posting this question, i think it is an easy one, but i cannot 
get the answer myself.

i am using samba-2.2.3a  + ldap running on a debian system with w2k-clients.

now the problem is: everytime i log into my w2k-client, i get something 
like "your password expires today! would you like to change it ??"
well, i do not really want to change my password everytime i log in, and 
though i can safely ignore the warning, it is annoying.
how do i turn this feature off ?
i modified my account-flags to be [UX     ] (according to the 
Samba-LDAP-Howto, this should disable password-expiration), i played 
around with the "passwordLastSet"-option and i set "pwdMustChange" to 0 
(which is mentioned in the ldap/samba-howto too)
all with no effect at all.

another question:
how do i make my domain-users to become "Hauptbenutzer" (oh, this is 
german, i do think the proper translation is "power users")
i guess it might be something as simple as changing the primaryGroupId 
to something meaningful -- but what ? (i tried "Hauptbenutzer" and 
"power user(s)", i even tried some decimal ID's although i really have 
no idea what would be correct)

do i have to make an arbitrary group (like "staff") and add this group 
(fully qualified) to the "power user"-group on each of my w2k-clients ?
if so, how do i make such group ??

any help appreciated


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