[Samba] Password Length Conundrum

Carl Vincent c.a.vincent at ncl.ac.uk
Fri May 24 02:37:03 GMT 2002

I've jsut installed Samba-2.2.4, from source on a Solaris 2.6 box.
I'm looking to upgrade from some 2.0.x versions I'm running. 

I've createed a password entry using smbpasswd -a and added my password.
My password has 9 characters in it. Using smbclient on the Solaris box, I
can access the share, but I can't from Win95 or Win2000 clients
(encryption is on).
If I try to access using only the first 8 characters from my password
(without changing the password on the server) it works on all three

I then copied the password hashes (just the two hashes, not the whole old
format line)from my 2.0.3 server password file, and it works properly on
all platforms with the 9 character password.

I haven't got any of the password synchronisation stuff turned on, just a
basic test setup (conf file below).

I've tried increasing the values of PASSWORD_LENGTH in
and recompiling, but it hasn't helped. There appears to be something
truncating my password before the hashes are created in the smbpasswd

Does anyone who knows the source better than me know how to patch this



% more ../lib/smb.conf
# Samba config file.

# Global parameters
        workgroup = FRUIT
        netbios name = APPLE
        domain master = no
        encrypt passwords = Yes
        lmannounce = no
        local master = no
        syslog only = yes
        log level = 0
        invalid users = root
#        password level = 10

        comment = Test share service points at /tmp
        path = /tmp

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