[Samba] Samba 2.2.4 frequent mangled names clashes

Dieter Stampfer dieter.stampfer at univie.ac.at
Thu May 23 14:39:02 GMT 2002

	Hi all,

while working with Netbench I've discovered that mangled directory names
clash rather frequently with Samba 2.2.4:

If I take an NT box, open the cmd prompt and make the following
directories on a Samba share, client100 and client121, both mangle to

If I create directories client100 through client130 I see 11 clashes

CLIEN~GH: client100 client121
CLIEN~MF: client101 client120
CLIEN~4L: client102 client123
CLIEN~AJ: client103 client122
CLIEN~ZP: client104 client125
CLIEN~$N: client105 client124
CLIEN~NT: client106 client127
CLIEN~TR: client107 client126
CLIEN~BX: client108 client129
CLIEN~HV: client109 client128
CLIEN~JG: client110
CLIEN~PE: client111 client130
CLIEN~7K: client112
CLIEN~DI: client113
CLIEN~!O: client114
CLIEN~1M: client115
CLIEN~QS: client116
CLIEN~WQ: client117
CLIEN~EW: client118
CLIEN~KU: client119

All mangling settings in smb.conf are at their default. Is this a known
feature? Does anyone know a workaround?

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    Dieter	voice:	(+43 1) 4277-14063		    University
   Stampfer	fax  :	(+43 1) 4277-9140		      Computer
		snail:	Universitaetsstrasse 7, A-1010 Wien	Center

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