[Samba] Regenerate MACHINE.SID

Byars, Jason M jbyars at iupui.edu
Thu May 23 09:16:02 GMT 2002

I goofed adding some machines to my domain so now I have to do it all over.
I removed the secrets.tdb and MACHINE.SID files, but when I join the domain
again, the MACHINE.SID is not regenerated.  How do I force them to be
correctly regenerated on 2.2.4?  Here's what I'm doing:

1. kill smb and winbind
2. delete secrets.tdb and MACHINE.SID
3. remove from NT4 PDC
4. add machine to NT4 PDC
5. smbpasswd -j .....
6. restart smb and winbind

I get the secrets.tdb file back everytime, but nothing seems to bring back
the MACHINE.SID.  I've tried rebooting incase I forgot to kill something.
Ideas?  Thanks


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