Fwd: [Samba] samba pdc won't work with other samba file servers

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Thu May 23 05:34:02 GMT 2002


   i just took a closer look at log.smbd; it seems
there is no problem with the file server passing on
the authentication to the pdc, but the pdc logs say
that the user's nt password or NTLM password doesn't
match -- quite strange, considering i was able to log
on and access a share on the pdc.



   A good day to you all. the user accounts i set up
on my samba pdc can't seem to access any shares set up
on another samba file server. the pdc is has security
= user, and the file server has security = server and
password server = <ip of pdc>. i am testing the setup
using a w2k pro box. i have created the appropriate
machine accounts for the client and the file server,
btw(passwd and smbpasswd)

   The logs seem to indicate that the user i logged on
as keeps on getting logged on as guest. While i can
log on, i can't seem to access the shares. 

   My guess is that somehow the pdc isn't
authenticating the user, and that the samba file
is defaulting to security = user. As to why this is
happening still escapes me though. Comments?

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