[Samba] Problem with logon script

Oliver Six o.six at cahos.net
Thu May 23 04:58:02 GMT 2002

Harry Rüter <harry_rueter at gmx.de> wrote on 23.05.2002 13:02:10:

>i'm having a little problem with the logon-script feature.
>I work with a Winxx-network with Win2k and Win98-Clients.
>The fileserver is samba 2.2.4 on LINUX,Kernel 2.4.18.
>For debuging-purposes i wrote a pause command into the
>A realized that there is an error message (in german, i try
>to translate) :
>The local device is already used
>System error 85 .
>Help is available with the command NET HELPMSG 2250 .
>Here is the part from my script :
>rem echo In Win2k
>@NET TIME \\%Server% /SET /YES   > nul
>@net use u: \\%Server%\homepages > nul
>@net use v: \\%Server%\homes     > nul
>@net use w: \\%Server%\fax       > nul
>@net use x: \\%Server%\data      > nul
>@if  not "%USEROFCURRENTSERVICE%" == "Administrator" goto
>@net use y: \\%Server%\rootdir$   > nul
>rem @net use /PERSISTENT:NO > nul
>@net use z: /delete > nul
>@goto end
>The client-OS on which the error occurs is Win2k.
>Windows seems to mount the drives itself befor the
>logon script is started.
>How can i solute this problem ?
>thanks Harry
>By the way , the logon-script is generated with a
>shell-script using the
>root preexec statement.
>So i can parse each statevar like USEROFCURRENTSERVICE ( =
>%u) to the logon-script.
>This works and has nothing to do with the problem,
>just an information for you ..
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Hi Harry,

AFAIK: windows maps drive y: or z: to the logon service to execute the logon 

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