[Samba] $SMBDOPTIONS in xinetd.conf

hans schneidhofer hs.priv at aon.at
Thu May 23 03:27:02 GMT 2002

hi list,

got a little trouble of understanding, how to convert from old 
/etc/rc.d/init.d/smb to the new version redhat 7.1

this is, what I should know :
the old version looks like this :

# see how we were called 
case "$1" in
		if [ -s /etc/smb.conf ]; then 
			echo -n "starting $ident:
			start-stop-daemon -S -n $Name1 -x $DAEMON1 - -D -d 2
			start-stop-daemon -S -n $Name2 -x $DAEMON2 - -D -d 2 \
				-G musik -n winlux
			echo "."

here comes the rest .....

now the new RH 7.1 version :
start()	{
	echo -n $"Starting $KIND services: "
	daemon smbd $SMBDOPTIONS
	echo -n $"Starting $KIND services: "
	daemon nmbd $NMBDOPTIONS

and so on ....

now : whre is optionsfiled or whre can I declare "my options like 
"-D -d 2 \
-G musik -n winlux"

havn't found anything in the docs, so I would be very happy to get some help 
from this list.

thanks to all from you 
hans schneidhofer
<hs.priv at aon.at>

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