[Samba] Delays after a few minutes have went by.

Jesse Godsey jessegodsey at attbi.com
Wed May 22 16:31:02 GMT 2002

Hello everyone, I am running Samba 2.2.3a on Red Hat 7.3.  I had the same problem though even on the older versions of Samba.

On a Windows98 machine after no activity for a while, it's like tcp/ip goes to sleep or something???  If I keep using IE 5.5 or run apps off the Linux box, no problem.  But if I let the workstation set without doing anything for let's say 10 minutes or so and I either click on IE 5.5 or Apps on the Linux box, it pauses for about 5 seconds and then will launch and run the way it should.  I don't understand this initial delay after letting the machine set for a while?

All the APM is turned off on the workstation and it's NIC card is just a 3C905b.  

Does anyone have any idea what is happening???
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