[Samba] using winbind in pam.d/system-auth, double prompts for password

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at pcug.org.au
Wed May 22 15:43:02 GMT 2002

> Gregg Lebovitz wrote:
> I am using samba-2.2.3a and samb-2.2.4 in my windows-2000 environment
> and have the my linux systems configured to use winbind in addition to
> standard unix for authentication.
> The problem I am seeing is that linux services and programs that
> prompt for a password will prompt first for unix authentication and
> then a second time for winbind authentication.
> Is there anyway to using winbind and unix authentication without
> requiring two separate password prompts?

as well as adding the 'use_first_pass' option to the pam_winbind.so
lines, you would do well to ensure you are using all 2.2.4 components. 
I fixed up a *LOT* of the PAM stuff in HEAD, which Jeremy merged for the
2.2.4 release.  

In particular 'must change now' works, as does password changing.

Andrew Bartlett

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