[Samba] Samba 2.2.4 and printing from Win2k / RedHat 7.2

Paul Casteels Paul.Casteels at ua.ac.be
Wed May 22 11:01:01 GMT 2002

I have a simple setup of printers, the drivers are not loaded from the 
server but installed locally. This works great on my Linux/2.2.1 and 
Tru64/2.0.7 servers, but things have changed since I went to 2.2.3a. With 
2.2.3a we sometimes had problems printing from Win2k but this seems solved 
with 2.2.4.

If I try to change the properties of an HP/Laserjet printer I allways
get: "Printing properties cannot be displayed. Operations could not be 

I have installed the patch parse_spoolss.patch.
I filled and removed my name as printer admin, I enabled/disabled the use 
client driver option with no result. I observed this on several machines.

On another machine I am not able to see the status of the queue once a 
print job is submitted.

With 2.2.1a I never saw this kind of problems. Should I downgrade or is 
there a solution ?

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