[Samba] weird winbind scenario

Byars, Jason M jbyars at iupui.edu
Wed May 22 08:39:02 GMT 2002

  First, currently the PDC is a true NT4 PDC.  I just rebuilt the cooker src
for 2.2.4.  wbinfo -u gets "Error looking up users...".  Same thing for
groups.  Yet, the secret is good, etc etc etc.  I'm trying to think is there
any bizarre ritual to perform on an NT4 PDC to resolve this.  I know it
looks like the 2k PDC problem, but it can't be. Again I am totally stumped.
Any other ideas?  I am going to go consult the magic 8 ball.  THanks


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> Subject: [Samba] weird winbind scenario
> 	Hi, I have a box running Mandrake 8.2 and samba 2.2.4 on an NT 
> domain.  smbpasswd -j says it joins the domain ok, I use the included 
> sys-auth-windbind file for pam, and the winbind entries are in 
> nsswitch.conf.  Everything appears to be running, but when I try
wbinfo -u 
> I get "Error looking up domain users".  getent passwd only return the
> accounts.  Yet wbinfo -t returns "Secret is good" and wbinfo -a for
> valid user authenticates.  This one has me totally stumped.   What's
> I have and Mandrake 8.1 machine running 2.2.3a with everything working
> fine.  Near as I can tell the settings between machines are identical 
> except for machine name.   Any ideas?  Thanks.

I build the RPMs for Mandrake 8.2 (if you are using the ones on the 
samba ftp mirros), but I don't actually have a windows domain to test 
with atm (I had a test network, but one machine got re-acquired by the 
owner :-() since we run samba as a DC here. Are you guys running NT DCs,

or Win2k DCs?

What happens if you try wbinfo -u?
If you don't get any users, then this looks remarkably like the error 
which can be fixed by running this on the DC:

net localgroup "Pre-Windows 2000 Compatible Access" everyone /add


But, then again, I don't know why the Mandrake 8.1/samba-2.2.3a box 
works ;-)

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