[Samba] 3 OS/2 Server, 120 user, we waited to avoid W*-Server, is now the time? How? (no win english ;-))

Andreas Walter a.walter at bbdo-interactive.de
Wed May 22 04:27:02 GMT 2002


the subject says almost everything.

For a better understandig, here is the background:
after sending pathworks servers to EOL we installed a OS/2 server system. 
And we waited a long time to go to the next evolutionary step. Until now.
We are using file and print services. The user count is growing to 150. We 
have 2 locations connected by a VPN.

Our own wish has been a NAS with uUserauthentification by LDAP (we've got 
a central LDAP directory, sorved by a Lotus/Domino server (running on 
LINUX ;-)) bereitgestellt wird). Looks like You can't by that right now, 
authentification always works against a Windows or UNIX account.
Our clients are W2K prof, with just a few 98er or ME (but I could enforce 
the migration to W2K, if that makes sence).

because we need the Windows print services we need the SAMBA.

But what is the right way and does the actual 2.2.4 provide everything 
what we need for that task?
Should I go for auto synchronizing beetween LINUX-usern and Samba-usern 
and use SAMBA with 
LDAP auhentification?


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