[Samba] adding w2k computer accounts to samba 2.2.4 PDC

plug bert plugbert at yahoo.com
Wed May 22 01:00:26 GMT 2002


   A good day to you all. i'm trying to get samba
2.2.4 to work with w2k pro boxes, and i noticed that
only the root smb account can be used to add the
machine to the domain(the machine account had been
created in advance). 

    When i tried to use an account that is not root,
but part of the domain admin group, it returns various
errors, like "unknown user name or bad password" or
something about conflicting credentials. 

   i am quite sure that the domain admin group works,
since when i logged on as a nonroot user which is part
of the domain admins, certain actions, such as adding
local printers and editing Network Identification are
available, while for other users it's not.

   Is this normal?

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