[Samba] PAM/winbindd/smb_pass/pam_smb_auth/smb_ntdom to authenticate SSH

mjd at alphalink.com.au mjd at alphalink.com.au
Tue May 21 21:22:02 GMT 2002


I'm currently running winbind (from Samba 2.2.3a) so that our
Windows users can ssh into our Linux box.  I've set up Samba,
PAM and winbind, and it's working well.  Users can see their
files, and they can log in using their windows usernames.  No

When users access their Samba share, they don't need
to reauthenticate, because they've already done so with
the PDC via their Windows box.

Is there a way to set up PAM so that authenticated Windows
users who ssh into the Linux box don't need to type a
password?  (This will make using CVS much easier)

I have looked at winbind, pam_smb_pass, pam_smb_auth and
pam_ntdom but can't seem to find any clearcut answer to
this question.

Any help you could give me would be most appreciated.


mailto:mjd at alphalink.com.au

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