[Samba] Macintosh + Samba integration

David Nillesen dave at une.edu.au
Tue May 21 16:49:02 GMT 2002

I have been searching through the docs and on the web to no avail.

I work at a university and we are moving our fileservers to new

The problem is, nothing seems to integrate Mac's and Win box's happily.
We have a large user base using samba already, but when mac's pick up
the same share via CAP, CAP creates files to deal with the dual 'stream'
nature of files from a macintosh.

Samba doesnt synchronise those files understandably, but it throws the
macintosh's horribly out of synch with the filesystem. They cant see
some files, they cant delete or edit others.

I've noticed netatalk uses seperate files as well to keep track of all
the extra information as well, but I cannot find any mention in samba of
synchronising netatalk state files either.

Getting rid of the mac's is not an option as we have large workgroups
with mixed workstations and everyone is very happy with their platform

Is there any solution to this so that Macintosh and Windows can happily
use a unix fileserver and the same share?


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