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Damon Carpenter damon.carpenter at usm.edu
Tue May 21 12:55:02 GMT 2002

Hello, all,

    I am sure you have read this question a million times, but I have not been able to resolve this problem.  I am setting up a Samba server as an NT Domain Controller.  So far, I have set the paramaters in smb.conf precisely as recommended in the Feb. 2002 edition of Linux Magazine, and the samba.org HOWTO document.  The symptoms are these : Windows 98 machines report "The domain password you supplied is incorrect", and the XP machine I am testing reports "The network path cannot be found" when trying to join it onto the Samba PDC domain.

    Troubleshooting:    Following as much documentation as I could, I found a reference to the encryption or lack thereof of passwords.  I double-checked the .conf file, and the "encrypt passwords = yes" line is in the config.  Moreover, I wanted to verify the issue further and deactivated encrypted passwords on the Win98 client to see if it would go through.  Even after modifying the 98 machine to use plaintext passwords, it still gives me the same error.  I have the password synch option turned on, and I have reset the password several times with smbpasswd to make sure it matched what I was typing.

    Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance...

Damon Carpenter
Office of Technology Resources
University of Southern Mississippi
damon.carpenter at usm.edu
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