[Samba] HP Jetdirect, Intel Netport, Samba, And Windows XP

Lee Leahu lee at ricis.com
Tue May 21 08:18:06 GMT 2002


I have a bunch of Windows XP Pro machines, Samba 2.2.4, and several plotters on Jetdirect cards, and several printers on Netport 10/100 Muli-port network print servers.

I have successfully configured Samba 2.2.4 to allow Windows XP to join the domain controlled by Samba and automaticaly create its own computer account on Samba.

I would now like to setup Samba to share all the printers and plotters to the XP machines.

I have recently just downloaded, compiled, and installed the latest version of LPRng on my server.  I setup the printcap file to point to the jetdirect card attached to my HP DesignJet 2500 CP plotter and my HP DesignJet 755 CM PS plotter.

When I use lpr to print a plain text file to the plotter, using the -V and/or the -D<number> switches, I am able to determine that LPRng (the server) is successfully accepting the messages. My problem is that when LPRng goes to send the text to the plotter, the plotter responds back with 'invalid character or line terminated by EUL command' or something similar to that.
My question is should I be concerned with being able to print directly from my server?  If not, how could I setup LPRng and Samba so that Samba will share the printers directly and only pass the data along (kind like raw mode?)?
My third question is how can I configure Samba to use the printers attached to the multi-port network print servers (according to JetAdmin 3.42, all three ports on the network print server have the same mac and ip addresses)?

Lee Leahu

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