[Samba] Different unix permission for user profiles

Hardi Gunawan hardigunawan at inbox.lv
Tue May 21 01:05:20 GMT 2002

I've different permission for one of the user's profile.

drwxr-xr-x   13 user3  502          1024 May 20 16:20 user3
drwx------   13 user1   500          1024 May 20 16:23 user1
drwx------   13 user2 501          1024 May 20 16:37 user2

Can anyone explain why is this so?  If not, can point me to the right 
documentation on the permission of the users' profiles?  One more thing, I 
didn't create all these directories.  It was created by Samba when the user 
logs in for the first time.  It is in /opt/samba/profiles, with profiles 
directory permission set to 1757 (read from samba.idealx.org).

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