[Samba] Re: Will/Can Exchange Server run with a samba pdc?

Kristyan Osborne kris at longhill.brighton-hove.sch.uk
Tue May 21 00:31:20 GMT 2002

One suggestion would be to create a domain called mail on a nt4 pdc and have exhcange running of that. Then have a samba domain for the rest of your machines. That is sort of what we've done here, and it works fine.


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Lacking any feedback, we had to assume we were on a loser here and we 
bought the old winnt4 pdc back online.

We now have two domains, the original winnt4 domain and the new samba 
domain, since we had to rename one domain we renaimed the samba one. We 
now have the bulk of our clients hanging off the new domain and our 
exchange server hanging off the old domain.

I will proberbly suck it and see if I can get a exchange server working 
on the new domain then try to migrate mailboxes, but what the hell I may 
just let that system rot.

We had a lot of fun doing the conversion, didn't get the logon 
home/drive/path just right and crashed our winnt clients badly (on 
logon). We didn't try to migrate our passwords, just re-entered them 
(then changed the domain twice). So Our basic windows clients went 
fairly well. We lost our winnt4 desktops profiles in the domain 
conversion, but we only had a few of those (five).

We are going to Windows XP home on the basic desktop. These clients were 
a non-event and have so far just worked. Haven't bought and winxp pro 
clients, I just can't see why (we don't need dual processor on the 
desktop and really don't need the domain structure either)

Well, I like free software, so I think the excercise was worth it. The 
users don't care. And the management really don't care either, saving a 
few bucks is ok but then theres the time and support issues.


Stephen Moore wrote:

> Having read the list, it seems that exchange _should_ work, but may 
> need to be reinstalled
> Could some *please* confirm that exchange 5.5 does work with samba 2.2.4.
> Cheers
> Stephen Moore wrote:
>> Its not for us.
>> We migrated from our nt4 pdc to samba pdc last night with good 
>> outcomes as far as our clients but our exchange server no longer works.
>> It failed initially as we did not have the" log on as a service user" 
>> (not strictly true, we had administrator but it didn't work for some 
>> reason)
>> After we got a working  service user then got "service specific error 
>> 4021"
>> This in theory is corrected by q170810 "run isinteg -patch"
>> Running this gives us "ds_e_insufficient_access_rights"

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