[Samba] Printer: User Intervention Required - Use Printer Off line

Van Sickler, Jim vansickj-eodc at Kaman.com
Mon May 20 12:58:06 GMT 2002

Check to see what port the second printer
was assigned to...

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> For some reason, I cannot get samba (or Win98, depending on 
> how you look
> at it...) to allow a win98 client to print.
> I search the list archives, but I didn't find anything 
> s
imilar. So here
> goes.
> Symptoms:
> - Win98 client can access fileshares OK. The printers show up 
> OK as well
>   in network neighbourhood.
> - On Linux, printing (lprng) works OK.
> - In win98, e.g.
>     dir > \\server\someprinter
>   *always* queues a job on the linux side. Just as expected.
> - When adding the printer on win98, the Add Printer wizard warns that
>   the printer is currently offline (its online, spooling and 
> printing is
>   enabled on the linux side!?)
> N
ow for the really weird bit:
> When I add the printer as the *native* model (it's an Epson 
> Stylus color
> 600), then printing a test page works (even though it won't let me
> untick the "Use Printer Offline"...)
> But I need to make windows believe that i have a postscript printer
> (works better with Quark that way). So I added the (same) printer, but
> this time with the "Digital turbo printerserver 20/net"; 
> (magicfilter on
> the Linux side will take care of the postscript->epson co
> But printing through this printer does *not* work; it just 
> queues up on
> the windows side !? Even when trying to un-tick "Use Printer Offline",
> windows claims that it cannot connect to the printer share in 
> question,
> as asks me to check cabling etc [expletive deleted]
> I realise that the above is (probably) not a samba problem, but a
> windows problem. But I'm out of ideas. Does this ring any bells for
> anyone? Feel free to point me at relevant documentation; I've b
> RTFM'ing quite a bit to fix this, but none of the FMs seem to mention
> anything similar...
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