[Samba] smbmount question

marion.haines at countygovt.brevard.fl.us marion.haines at countygovt.brevard.fl.us
Mon May 20 12:56:02 GMT 2002

I'm on a Redhat 7.1, Samba 2.2.3a server in a share called Public.  I'm logged into the server as root, from the console and have cd'd to the Public directory.

I'm trying to use smbmount to mount an NT share from a WinNT Server 4.0, SP3.  The share on that server is called "manage."  The IP of the NT server is  The Samba server is on a different network at  There is a directory named "Man" that will be used as the mount point on the samba server.

I issue the command:

     smbmount // Man      then press the Enter key.

      password:          I enter the password then press the Enter key.

I now get 2 error messages on the console:

955: session request to failed (Called name not present).
955: session request to 210 failed (Called name not present).

When I inspect the Man directory, all the appropriate files and directories are there.  I see them with Network Neighborhood and with Windows Explorer.

Does smbmount really do what I'm expecting it to do with a shared NT directory & files or is the above responses normal?  Is there something else to do???

Thanks in advance,
Marion D. Haines
Network Administrator
Board of County Commissioners
Brevard County, Florida
EMail:  marion.haines at countygovt.brevard.fl.us
Phone: 321-617-7398

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