[Samba] Printer: User Intervention Required - Use Printer Offline

Karl E. Jorgensen samba at e-jorgensen.freeserve.co.uk
Mon May 20 12:44:02 GMT 2002

For some reason, I cannot get samba (or Win98, depending on how you look
at it...) to allow a win98 client to print.

I search the list archives, but I didn't find anything similar. So here


- Win98 client can access fileshares OK. The printers show up OK as well
  in network neighbourhood.
- On Linux, printing (lprng) works OK.
- In win98, e.g.
    dir > \\server\someprinter
  *always* queues a job on the linux side. Just as expected.
- When adding the printer on win98, the Add Printer wizard warns that
  the printer is currently offline (its online, spooling and printing is
  enabled on the linux side!?)

Now for the really weird bit:

When I add the printer as the *native* model (it's an Epson Stylus color
600), then printing a test page works (even though it won't let me
untick the "Use Printer Offline"...)

But I need to make windows believe that i have a postscript printer
(works better with Quark that way). So I added the (same) printer, but
this time with the "Digital turbo printerserver 20/net"; (magicfilter on
the Linux side will take care of the postscript->epson conversion).

But printing through this printer does *not* work; it just queues up on
the windows side !? Even when trying to un-tick "Use Printer Offline",
windows claims that it cannot connect to the printer share in question,
as asks me to check cabling etc [expletive deleted]

I realise that the above is (probably) not a samba problem, but a
windows problem. But I'm out of ideas. Does this ring any bells for
anyone? Feel free to point me at relevant documentation; I've been
RTFM'ing quite a bit to fix this, but none of the FMs seem to mention
anything similar...

Karl E. Jørgensen
... An rfc2324 advocate

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