[Samba] Linux server, Win2k client: Almost works, what am I missing?

Kris Kelley skunk at simdesk.com
Mon May 20 09:43:02 GMT 2002

Keith G. Murphy wrote:
> Kris, I had a *very* similar problem, which your postings helped me
> solve just now.  I, too, couldn't map Samba shares from a Win2K box. 
> Your posting gave me the idea of trying to map a drive specifying a user
> that didn't exist on the Win2K box.  Sure enough, that worked.

Happy to see some good has come out of this.  Hopefully more will

> ...I suggest you look for a username on your Win2K box that is the same as
> the Linux host name you are trying to access.  Delete that bad boy, or
> something less drastic that works...

I don't think we have a Windows user name that's the same name as this
linux box (SKUNKWORX), but I will certainly double-check that.  I will
also take a look at the article.

The good news is, using smbmount to go the other way, accessing shares
on a Win2k box from the linux box, seems to have worked without a hitch.

Thanks for the info!

---Kris Kelley

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