[Samba] smb_newconn error

Hall, Leam Leam.Hall at dowjones.com
Mon May 20 06:13:02 GMT 2002

Okay, newbie alert.

We're having a problem with a linux (2.2.20 smp) webserver (apache) that is
a samba 2.0.7-4) client. Oddly, both client and server are Linux. (I didn't
set them up)

There are 2 webservers that in theory are set up exactly the same. When a
certain one of them goes live, it generates an error:

	smb_newconn failed to allocate new packet buffer max xmit 65535

The server then soon fork bombs and the machine has to be rebooted to regain
control. If the server is *not* live, but Apache stressed, no problems

Is there a FAQ or searchable db I can look this up in? 



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