[Samba] samba option for users to have admin rights for their machine

Neil Muller neil at neologix.net
Mon May 20 03:43:02 GMT 2002

  Access rights on a w2k workstation are completely separate from access 
rights within a domain; similarly users in a domain are completely 
different (in MS terms) from users on a W2K workstation. If your users 
are logging on to a domain then they will have user accounts within the 
domain and when you look at the users on a w2k box you will see 
something like \<domain>\<user name> as the fully qualified user name 
(may be 2 leading slashes ie \\ or mayeb none I forget which - just 
don't hang me forthis lapse :-) ). A user defined for the local machine 
will have a similar fully qualified user name but the 'domain' will be 
the name of the local machine.

To give a domain user administrator privileges on the local workstation 
you will have to add that (fully qualified) domain user to the 
administrators group on the local machine. Log on as the local machine 
administrator (I'm assuming you don't have a domain user with 
administrator privileges on the local machine as yet), open the control 
panel and click the "Users and Passwords" icon. This will list all the 
users for the local machine. Click the 'Add' button and then click the 
"Browse" button. On my workstations this brings up a dialog pointing out 
that you don't have acess to browse the domain and asks for the username 
and password of someone who does; so enter the username and password of 
the user that you used to join the workstation to your samba domain. Now 
you can browse through a list of domain users and add them as users with 
(Administrator) rights on the local machine by adding them to the local 
machine's administrator group.


Bilal Dar,5726133 wrote:

>I want to know something, i configured samba and its working fine so far. But i was told by boss that the user of a machine should hav administrative rights for their own machine. I have no idea how to do this and i cant find it in documentation as well. Kindly if anyone knows about it do letme know.
>Bilal Dar,
>e-mail: bilal at go.net.pk
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>The right way to go ...

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