[Samba] Can't join Samba PDC from Win2k

Brian Lavender brian at brie.com
Sun May 19 15:57:03 GMT 2002

On Sun, May 19, 2002 at 03:47:53PM -0700, Brian Lavender wrote:
> I am trying to make my Samba server act as a domain controller, but I
> can't join the domain. When I go into Windows 2k and I right click the
> computer, the properties button, and try to make it a part of the domain,
> it asks me for a user account, and a password. I am not sure what user
> account to type in here. What user account do I type in?

Here's more info on the error I am getting when I try to join the
Domain. It asks me:

Enter the name and password of an account with permission to join
the domain
user: brian
password: <password>

"Click Ok"

It pauses for a few moments, and here is the error I get:

The following error occurred attempting to join the domain "cheddar"
The account used is a computer account. Use your global user account or
local user account to access this server.

I have a user account on the "cheddar" domain. What am I doing wrong?

Brian Lavender

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