[Samba] Re:Samba and windows 2K Active Directory

Jim McDonough jmcd at us.ibm.com
Sun May 19 10:55:02 GMT 2002

>The client has not moved to wk2 as yet.  Can Samba be use for  w2k mixed
>mode authentication?
The current release of Samba (2.2.4) can be used for a Win2k mixed or
native mode environment.

The important piece to remember here is that mixed/native mode refers to
the Domain Controllers, not all server members.

2.2.4 will work in either, but if you use native mode, it works best if
"pre-windows 2000" servers are allowed.  When the first DC is promoted, you
have a choice of "Permissions compatible with pre-Windows 2000 servers",
and if you choose that, it will be easier to maintain.  Even if you don't
choose that, it is still possible to do, but requires use of the wbinfo -A
(not -a) option...

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