[Samba] Queries on samba with roaming profiles

Hardi Gunawan hardigunawan at inbox.lv
Sun May 19 06:17:01 GMT 2002

I've some queries on Samba, hope that someone in the mailing list can help me 

1) I've Samba PDC with W2k workstation (w2kwks).  When I login into w2kwks, it 
created a folder with my username in C:\Documents and Settings directory 
(which I think is the roaming profile directory?)

2) When I configure Outlook 2000 on the w2kwks (for imap), it automatically 
create a Personal Folder in C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local 
Settings.  But seems that the Local Settings directory is not roaming (even 
though it's inside the c:\Documents and Settings\username directory)?

3) When I logout and login as another user, I can see the previous user's 
folder in C:\Documents and Settings (I can't open it though).  Is this 
normal?  I thought it should get deleted when the user logout?

There must be something wrong with the way I setup Samba PDC...... :(

Thank you.

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