[Samba] WinBind does not work well with Rational ClearCase (bugfix atta ched :)

Stephen Jazdzewski Steve at Jazd.com
Sat May 18 19:53:02 GMT 2002


Thank you for your suggestions.

The real problem is Rational Technical support.  When you pay someone 100k+ 
they tend to look for any excuse to deem you "unsupported".  If you don't have 
your default group set to the clearcase user group, then technical support 
will decide that thats where your problem is!  I am sure you know how that 

I have solved problems like this in the past with the group sticky bit.  I 
agree this is the "correct" way to do this.  The only trouble with ClearCase 
is they use a kernel patch to enable some kind of custom modified file system. 
 I suspect it just will not work without the default group set :(

Go figure, we get the best and most responsive help from the part we paid 
nothing for.


>Andrew Bartlett said:
>Gerald Carter wrote:
>> On Wed, 15 May 2002, Jazdzewski, StephenX A wrote:
>> > Hello Samba,
>> >
>> > We tried to use samba-2.2.4-1 with Rational ClearCase and had a problem
>> > using WinBind.
>> >
>> > ClearCase requires the primary group id to be set to the clearcase users
>> > group.  WinBind sets the primary group to something like
>> Winbind set's the primary group to whatever is specified by the PDC.
>> Why should we override it?  I think I understand what your problem is
>> but I'm not convinvced that this patch should be applied to the main
>> tree.
>I wonder if this problem would be better solved with appropriate use of
>the group sticky bit (chmod g+s) on the directory?
>Other than that, we sometimes play a bit 'fast and loose' with NT4
>groups, due to the way we have to reterive them.  This means that we set
>the primary group to 'domain users' for 'getent' bulk requests.  I'm not
>sure what we are currently doing for other lookups.
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