[Samba] WinY2k Access Denied on Printing

Fabiano Mucillo - func fmucillo at ifi.unicamp.br
Fri May 17 12:57:02 GMT 2002

On Fri, 17 May 2002, Adam Williams wrote:

> Does this mean that every print driver must be installed on every machine
> (for every user)?

Yes, on it NT box. I didn't see the session [print$] in your smb.conf.
If you have it working you can use "use client driver = no" (default).
But, if you don't I think is better use "use client driver = yes" to avoid
problems with OpenPrinterEx() call.

I did the same upgrade of you. First I used "use client driver =
yes", to avoid the "Access Denied" message. Now I'm upgrading to 2.2.4 and
I'll use the [print$] with "use client driver = no", puting all print
drivers on my server.

> I see this in the man page -
> This  parameter MUST not be able enabled on a print share which has valid
> print driver installed on the Samba server

Do you heve it? Look for printer_driver2.html file in your instalattion
docs folder. It can help us.

> I understand (pretty much) what "disable spoolss" and "use client driver"
> does but what is the behaviour of the no/yes configuration.  It seems that
> "use client driver=yes" implies "disable spoolss=no"

I don't think so. I understood that if you use "use client driver=yes"
you'll continue using spoolss, but with PRINTER_ACCESS_ADMINISTER right is
mapped to PRINTER_ACCESS_USE instead. Thus allowing the OpenPrinterEx()
call to succeed.


                              Fabiano Mucillo

CCJDR - Physics Institute - UNICAMP
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