[Samba] Win2k Printing Problems

Chris Smith chris at realcomputerguy.com
Fri May 17 12:13:02 GMT 2002

On Fri, 2002-05-17 at 13:44, Van Sickler, Jim wrote:
> You do want to use the samba box to manage
> your printers;  otherwise all of your PCs
> are going to be fighting over the printers...
> that gets real ugly real fast!
I think you're mistaken here. The lpd server will easily spool and queue
all of the tasks. It would be different if he was printing directly to
the lpd ports on the "print servers" (the JetDirect boxes) but he's not,
he's printing to the lprng queue on the server.

> I don't think you should need to add the
> printer as a Local Printer, and edit the
> registry.  There may be a better way...

The registry edit isn't needed at all, LPR or Samba.
LPR printers in MS land are local printers by definition and not to be
confused with printers actually locally attached to the system.
In many cases using TCP/IP printing (Unix printing, lpr printing, etc.)
can be more useful. For one, since it is, in MS speak, a local printer
it is accessible by all users (subject to security) once installed - no
need to add the printer again for every user.
It is not a good option for the Win9x based clients as there is no MS
supplied lpr client software. There are some third party clients but I
believe an extra cost is involved. However, in this case, we are talking
about a Win2k client.
> set "disable spoolss=no" in smb.conf; 

This is the default.

> snip <
> Then set "disable spoolss=yes", and restart samba.
But according to the docs "diaable spoolss=yes" will:
" disable the capability of Windows NT/2000 clients to download print
drivers from the Samba host upon demand. Be very careful about enabling
this parameter."
Automatic print driver installation is one of the few pluses to using
the Samba interface (the other is support for Win9x clients without
third party lpr client software needed). If you're going to give that up
and don't have Win9x clients TCP/IP printing is possibly a better
overall solution. Your jobs wont get "double spooled" any longer either.

> p.s.  I'd shorten your printer names...

Good idea.


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