[Samba] Samba Printing A4 problem and samba howto collection about printing.

Erik Ranà ranajas at hotmail.com
Fri May 17 06:36:02 GMT 2002

We had a problem since we upgraded our samba from i belive 2.0.x or1.9.x 
to 2.2.0x

The problem is that with our HP LaserJet 8000DN it has been impossible 
to install a driver and get A4 as default papersize in the printer 
driver. It was always Letter that was choosen as default. With the 
result that everytime the printer is installed the user have to change 
the printer setting.
The printer intelligence is not soo good that it can adminitratively 
ignore papersize and always set A4 as papersize for the printjob. But 
that might be an bug in the printer.

Recently i found a tip back in the archives of samba-technical

I tryed it out and suprisingly i found that it helped! :-)
But it feels not good that i have to modify source and recompile just so 
i can set that default papersize should be something else then letter.

Can smb.conf get some sort of addition where a definition is set either 
global or per printer?
Just for what the default choice is. Not set it so the user can not change.
It would help alot since sometimes windows seems to remember that 
default was letter at the time it installed the printer and use that in 
the printerdriver. :-(

About the samba howto collection about printing. (This might be off topic?)
On the top of the page 31 (36 of 86) as shown in acrobat reader.
There is an instruction how to create folders so samba can upload 
printer drivers.
The instruction is with grey backround and look identical to the config 
examples to smb.conf.
That confused me since im not a experienced user in *nix enviroments to 
belive that it should say something like that in the config file, when 
it accutaly dislpays an directory tree.
Can it be changed to some else backround color and more like an 
directory listning?
And i think it should probably say more clearly that it is sub 
directorys of  the parameter  "path = /usr/local/samba/printers "

Is there some example about how to create an "add printer command" that 
can hook into printcap and make the modifications?
I can successfully upload the driver but it can not finish the wizard 
since it cant add the printer. Not even if it is already existing in 
printcap file?

And just a little question, how can i get in contact if anyone is 
writing some fast guides to samba?

With Regards

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