[Samba] SAMBA Enterprise-wide solution?

Peter Polkinghorne pjmp at kingsfords.co.uk
Fri May 17 05:15:02 GMT 2002

In my previous job at Brunel University, we used Samba to support users over
4 sites with around 4,000 desktops.  This was using Samba to provide File
services only, as we used Windows LPR support and NISgina for authentication.

I wrote a paper on this in 1999 - see:


and in case the University ever delete my home directory (with some extra bits):


In summary we supplied both applications and home directories using Sun servers
(Ultra1s in the main) to WindowsNT clients.  A typical Sun was supporting
upto 200 clients with the same sort of load as that number of NFS clients
(as we previously used SunNFS on Windows 3.11).

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