[Samba] MyBriefcase and samba

Tony Shepherd tony.shepherd at aus.sun.com
Thu May 16 21:00:03 GMT 2002


I have come across an issue when I try and use Win98 briefcases and
samba shares.  I set up the briefcase, open a samba share but when I try
and copy across files from the samba share into the briefcase, they do
not appear in the briefcase.  

I have seen a few questions on this in the archive, but have seen no

Just to re-iterate, the briefcase is on the local Win98 hard-drive; not
the samba share (I also saw questions/answers when the briefcase was on
the samba share).

The share I am accessing is over a WAN.

Has anyone seen a similar problem?  Does anyone have any solutions?



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