[Samba] unusual use of Samba for authentication of W2k??

Patrick von der Hagen patrick at vonderhagen.de
Thu May 16 14:12:03 GMT 2002

Hi all,

I got a new assignment today. My task is to install LDAP instead of
NIS in our network, consisting of Solaris, Linux and W2k. Our actual
setup is like this: Accounts are kept on a Solaris-server and served
with samba and NFS. Two PCs serve as PDCs, running NOT samba on unix
but a real W2k. Special MS-PAM-modules on the Solaris-server are used
to synchronise accounts and passwords with those PDCs.

This is not a nice setup and I would like to get rid of it. When
moving from NIS to LDAP I could keep this setup by swapping NIS with
LDAP and keeping those PAM-modules to do a sync with my PDCs. But
I would prefer to setup my Samba-Server to get account-information
by LDAP and serve those information to the PDCs.
I would NOT like to use SAMBA as a PDC since I don't want to replace
the PDCs I am currently using.

Big, big question: is this possible? Can a W2k-PDC synchronize
account-Information with a SAMBA-server? Either "instantly", a Client
contacting the PDC, the PDC queriing SAMBA, or by some kind of
synchronization updating the PDC several times a day.

I'm a unix-guy, not a Windows-user, so I don't really know about
configuration of a W2k-Server as PDC. I don't need a HowTo about this
issue, just an answer, if it can be accomplished.

Many thanks in advance.


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