[Samba] WinBind does not work well with Rational ClearCase ( bug fix attached :)

Gerald Carter jerry at samba.org
Thu May 16 12:42:02 GMT 2002

On Thu, 16 May 2002, Jazdzewski, StephenX A wrote:

> Gerald,
> No worries.
> This patch is required if your using Rational ClearCase and you don't
> want everyone to have access to it.  It's to fix a brokenness (IMO)
> within ClearCase, and maybe other programs.  Our windows primary group
> has 10k+ users...

Yeah.  Makes sense why you would want this functionality.
In the NIS days you could do something like

+::<gid op rational group>::::

at the end of /etc/passwd and the NIS compatibility stuff
would take care of it for you.  Would be very helpful here.
> I will shoot it off to Rational, so they can provide it to there
> customers. I was hoping it could be applied to the main tree so I could
> just tell them to get the latest version of Samba, and it would then
> have the added benefit of being vetted by the experts.
> There is a long standing comment within the source that something like
> this would be nice to have as an option.

our source ?  Where (file & line #)?

> Thank you for your time and consideration :)

Thanks for the patch :-)  Most people just point out the bug.  Few
people take the time to submit the correction :-)

cheers, jerry
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