[Samba] Win2k Printing Problems

JUSTIN GERRY JGERRY at butchers.com
Thu May 16 12:33:02 GMT 2002

Here is my now messy printer install to get Win2k SP2 boxes to work properly. If anyone has anything to add to this let me know. 

I really wish it was possible to get Samba to report some sort of dummy printer port for Win2k so it would add a section under "Monitors". The share name with the slashes seem to give Win2k a hard time, as it can not add a print monitor anywhere in the registry.

And I still have not even looked into getting the print driver to automatically install.


******Start of How to***********
How to Setup Samba and LPR to print to HP Jetdirect boxes from a Win2k machine.

*I am assuming you already have samba up and running*

I will be adding a printer I call *HPIII_IT_CUBE*, which is an HP Laserjet 3 printer to with a Jetdirect box attached to it. FYI, my samba server is called "samba".

		1)	On the linux box:
		a)	create a dir for samba to spool to. Usually its /var/spool/samba
		b)	chmod 01777 /var/spool/samba
c)	chown root.daemon /var/spool/samba
		d)	create a spool dir in /var/spool/lpd with the name of the printer (my case its HPIII_IT_CUBE)
		e)	chown lp.lp /var/spool/lpd/HPIII_IT_CUBE
f)	Edit printcap file
	In the printcap file make sure that each printer has entries modeled after this example:


		g)	Restart LPR (service lpd restart), it should come up clean with no errors
		h)	Run testprns to see if you get an ok
		2)	In the smb.conf under printers section:

Change or add the following under the [printer] section
		a)	path=/var/spool/samba
		b)	use client driver=yes

Change or add the following under the [global] section
		a)	printcap name =/etc/printcap
		b)	load printers = yes
		3)	On the Win2k box:
		a)	Browse to file server and double click on the printer 
		b)	It should ask you for a driver file, go through the usual APW motions (adding HPIII driver etc..)
c)	Go back to APW, install a *Local Printer*
d)	In Select the Printer Port go to *create a new port*
e)	Select *LPR Port*
f)	In *Name or address of server providing lpd* put the name of your samba server (my case its samba)
g)	In *Name of printer or print queue on that server* put the name from your printcap file of the printer you just added (my case it is HP_III_IT_CUBE)
h)	Load regedit or regedit32 (see next messy section)

We will be working in:

		1)	You should now see an entry under the LPR Port under the Monitor tab like this:
	[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Monitors\LPR Port\Ports\samba:hpiii_it_cube]
"Server Name"="Samba"
"Printer Name"="hpiii_it_cube"

		2)	Now go to the tab:
		a)	Find the key called *Port*, it should say *Port=\\samba\hpiii_it_cube*
	b)    Change the *Port* tab to: *Port=samba:hpiii_it_cube* which will then match the pointer in the monitor tab that we set up in Step 1

3) Go back to "Settings" then "Printers" and right click to bring up the properties.
a) Click on Ports tab
b) You should see a checkmark next to a lpr port with a servername/printer like we see from step 1

***********End How to******************************

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