[Samba] Printing Question

amit deshmukh adeshmuk at eng.utoledo.edu
Thu May 16 09:01:02 GMT 2002


	I am using Samba with LPRng. I have in my configuration

print command = /usr/local/lprng/current/bin/lpr -P%p %s -R%M

	The permissions for lpr are -rwsr-xr-x. 

	I am using samba as PDC. With this setup, when I login as a root
in the domain, I can print properly. When I login as a normal user in the
domain from an NT machine, I do not get any prints. The smbprn print spool
file gets created in /servers/samba/printers folder (which is writable as
required by samba printing docs). 
	When I looked into the samba log for a normal user, I do not see a
call made to lpr (which I usually see when it is done from a root accnt).
What I can conclude with this is that if there is any problem then it is
to do with 'lpr' permissions. But, as mentioned earlier these permissions
are enough for printing (a normal user can print from a unix machine

	Can anybody help me with this ? 

thanks in advance


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