[Samba] Smaba fileserver with NT4 PDC (with a bad NT domainename)

office at xact.cc office at xact.cc
Thu May 16 05:39:19 GMT 2002


I have set up a samba fileserver (v2.2.3a). 
Users shall not log in into the shares by beeing a local linux user but by beeing
autenticated against a NT4 PDC. 

So far I have managed to create the fileservers machine account but I have a
"Secret is bad" problem. 
I think this is because the NT domaine name has a german special character in
it (the ö) that is not corrctly submited from the console? 

First idea was to change the NT domaine name but this seems to be a big problem
due to over a 100 workstations hanging in that domaine. MS specialists told
us that it might be possible to change but we should not do it ... 

Is there a possible work around? 

Sorry if this might be not very precise or dumb but this is my first posting
to that list. 

Best Regards!
C. Pfleger 

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