[Samba] WINS.DAT getting wrong address automatically?

Klaus Steden klaus at compt.com
Wed May 15 21:40:03 GMT 2002


I've got a Samba domain running across two networks. One of the Samba servers
has a HiPPI NIC on it, used only for point-to-point connections, and
unreachable from everywhere on both networks.

The problem is that for some reason, nmbd is registering the HiPPI NIC's
address instead of the Ethernet (correct) address for the machine.

Anyone ever seen something like this before? I'm not sure why the server is
advertising '' (wrong) instead of '' (right).


It's really interfering with operations, as I have to stop the master Samba
server, fix up the wins.dat file, and restart periodically.

This only started occurring after I upgraded to 2.2.3a - I used 2.0.7 for over
a year in the identical environment with no problems.


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