[Samba] browsing users/groups in 2.2.1a

Christian Cryder christianc at granitepeaks.com
Wed May 15 10:11:04 GMT 2002

Hi folks,

I have Samba 2.2.1a running as our PDC, and I go to make a share on my Win
2000 dev box (ie. this is NOT a smb share; my box is just querying the pdc
for a list of domain users and groups). When it lists the specific users and
groups, I only see user names, not any groups that exist on PDC.

1. How do I get groups to show up (for instance, let's say the PDC's
/etc/group has a TestGroup entry that contains several users; how do I get
TestGroup to show up when I go to make a share on a Win box)

2. I do see a Domain Admins group, but if I try to give this group
permissions on a share (again, this is on my win box), then I get this
message: "Unable to look up user names for display"

My /etc/samba/smb.conf has the following group related settings:
  domain admin group = @adm
  domain logons = yes


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