[Samba] Devices not appearing/Manually add devices to Browse List ?

Simon Hobson shobson-lists at colony.com
Wed May 15 08:48:19 GMT 2002

Jason Stewart wrote:

>You say that the print servers did not change? Are you running NETBEUI or
>NETBIOS on the print servers? I had to throw out two old print servers
>because they could only do NETBEUI and no NETBIOS. As you may already know,
>Samba does not work with NETBEUI.

The only setup options are TCP/IP on/off (plus IP, netmask, and gateway if
on) and IPX/SPX on/off (which is off).

>Also, can you manually make a telnet connection to port 139 of these servers?

telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused

Which I guess means that the RIP is up but not running NetBIOS.

<plonker mode on>
I've since found that one of them (the newer one) has some extra settings
for Windows printing (including wins address) - so that one is fixed !
Teach me to not explore EVERY menu option, even the ones that don't sound
<plonker mode off>

I think the other one is probably the same problem, but it definitely
doesn't have the same menus.

Oh well, off to see if I can get any info from Minolta ...


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