[Samba] WIN2k profile problem

Kimmo Akkanen kimmo.akkanen at remedium.fi
Wed May 15 08:02:03 GMT 2002

 >>> I have samba 2.2.3 with several win2k (sp2 srp1) and generally
 >>> Roaming profiles works. Sometime after having logged It says
 >>> that it's impossible to write to my C: drive from \\server\\etc
 >>> etc and then he doesn't load profile correctly.

 >>> So i have to log in with Administrator (in the PC and not the Domain)
 >>> remove "myname.bak" folder under "Document and settings" and then it
 >>> starts working again... Why? Any suggestion?

 >> I am not sure, but I had a similiar problem which seems
 >> to be fixed with 2.2.3a

 > Also mine in 2.2.3a. (i forgot an "a")

We use the latest (2.2.4) version of Samba, and still this
comes up every now and then (quite rare though). I've tried
to setup "nt acl support=no" to the [Profiles] share, but
dunno if that helped any.

Luckily this is very rare, and Samba is working smoothly.
Thank you all, especially the developers!

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