[Samba] Printing not working with Samba 2.2.4

Samba Samba at guidemail.com
Wed May 15 06:49:02 GMT 2002

I have setup a basic samba configuration without winbind, using
security=user.  I have a usermap file that maps everyone to the user ftp.  I
can see the username being changed to ftp and the user being allowed access.

Yesterday I had everything working, no errors in the log.  NOTHING has
changed from yesterday to today, I know this because I'm the only one who
works on samba right now.

Today when I browse to the printer (with M$ NT) and try to open properties
on it I get the error "Print properties cannot be displayed"

I also get the following in log.smbd:

[2002/05/15 08:11:26, 0] rpc_client/cli_pipe.c:rpc_api_pipe(359)
  cli_pipe: return critical error. Error was NT_STATUS_INVALID_PIPE_STATE
[2002/05/15 08:11:26, 0]
  srv_spoolss_replycloseprinter: reply_close_printer failed [DOS code

I'm stuck, I've searched the newsgroups and havn't found anything on this
error message.

Can anyone help ??

Thanks !!

Josh Konkol, CNE MCSE  
Senior Network Analyst
GuideOne Insurance
Mail Stop AB-1
jkonkol at guidemail.com

/( )\

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