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Don Werder (dwerder) djw at science.lucent.com
Wed May 15 06:47:03 GMT 2002

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>>When a Windows 2000 computer in the Sun workgroup tries
>>to access a share on the Linux Samba workgroup the following error message
>>comes up:
>>  Incorrect password or unknown user name for:
>And I assume that if you provide the correct password, it connects.

No it does not, this is the problem, the message just returns.

>>Why is this? Does Win2K require the password on the local Win2K
>>machine to be the same as on the Samba server?
>No, having the same password isn't "required".  I find it hard to understand
>what's confusing you about this behavior.
>When making a network connection Win2K will first attempt to use the
>original login password.  If that doesn't succeed, it tells the user that it
>doesn't already know the right password, and asks the user to supply another
>one.  That's the prompt you are seeing.
>If both the client and server are members of a domain (and if they are in
>the same domain, or if the two domains have a trust relationship), then the
>server's local password is not used for validation - the client sends the
>password to the server, and the server then consults the domain controller
>to determine if the password is correct.  The Samba server's local password
>does not come into play.

The client and server are in two different domains with different
PDCs. I was able to connect from an NT machine in the domain of the
Win2K client using the password assigned in the other domain. I
cannot connect from the Win2K machine though.

How can two domains have a trust relationship? 

Don Werder
dwerder at lucent.com

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