[Samba] Printing WIth Cups

Jason Stewart jstewart at rtl.org
Wed May 15 05:53:30 GMT 2002

Hi Kevin,

I'm not sure if you mean getting CUPS to work by itself, or getting it to 
work with Samba, but there are decent docs over at www.cups.org that will 
tell you how to get up and running. I found that the CUPS docs on getting 
set up with cups and Samba was only lacking in one area. I ended up having 
to define [printers] in my smb.conf to get Samba and Cups to play nice 

As far as getting Cups to work with other apps, it should be no different 
than the generic lpd system. You still use an lpr command to print your 


At 09:48 PM 5/14/2002 -0600, Kevin Pratt wrote:
>I was wondering if anyone knew of a How-To or some other form of
>documentation that talks about printing with CUPS
>Also making CUPS work with applications such as Anjuta and Evolution.
>Kevin Pratt
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