[Samba] User authentication

Clayton Rogers claytonr at bundaberg.qld.gov.au
Tue May 14 15:46:02 GMT 2002


    We are a large organisation that has been using samba for all our 
file and print sharing for quite sometime now.  With this approach we 
have been using a Windows NT 4 Server PDC to do all our user and 
password validation.  What we wish to do is to remove Windows from the 
equation and use some other, hopefully linux solution to provide this 
functionality.  We still require the functionality of a number of 
Windows NT 4 Workstations/Servers on the domain.

Q1. What are other peoples/businesses solutions for user and password 

Q2. If using Samba, is the integration of the Windows NT 4 
Workstations/Server reasonably easy?

Cheer, Thanks for you time

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