[Samba] uid not available in printer script

Andreas Mueller afm at othello.ch
Tue May 14 08:43:02 GMT 2002

Hello everyone,

in  my  samba  2.2.1a server, I've defined a printer share of the

            comment = Convert to PDF
            path = /var/tmp
            read only = No
            create mask = 0755
            print ok = Yes
            postscript = Yes
            print command = /usr/local/bin/pdfmail %u %s
            guest ok = no

The pdfmail script takes the file, converts it to PDF and creates
a  nice  message to the user (%u) with the file as an attachment.
At least in theory. In practice I notice that many  requests  are
submitted  as nobody, not as the real user, although the guest ok
= no directive is supposed to forbid that.  These  messages  were
previously  all  lost, but I've now aliased to nobody user to my­
self. And I'm getting tons of messages!  For the  users  this  is
also quite a nuisance, as they have to print stuff several times,
until it happens to be printed under their uid.

My clients are all NT4 with SP5 or SP6, and the samba server is a
PDC for them.

How  can  I  make  sure that every request comes with the correct

Mit herzlichem Gruss

                                        Andreas Mueller

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